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About Me

About Me

I "retired" in October 2016, when I sold my business. I was in the market research industry for 30+ years. After selling to a competitor, and after a short transition period, I was....lost.

A friend (who retired about two years prior) told me that it would take about two years to adjust and sort out a new direction. So, it's about two years later, and I'd have to say he was right.

I have made a lot of discoveries about retirement - worry about money, remembering what day of the week it is, travel, etc. If you're going through the same transition, I hope I can help you, and - even better - maybe we can help each other!

I've been married since 1985 (happily, and getting better every day), I have two awesome "children" and, at this writing, one awesome grandson. I have eschewed the normal moniker of "Grandpa" or "Opa" (in German) and am now referred to as "Pops".

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